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Sean had no illusions about who was sitting above him.
It was part of his job to know the seating plan and, while this wasn’t how he’d expected to spend the evening, there were compensations.
He’d seen her movies and, in that strange abstract way that people idolize film stars, Sean fancied Jayne Laurens. Bitches singles.
She was good looking, intelligent and known to have a filthy sense of humor.
After seeing her latest film, he’d joked in the pub about wanting to “fuck the ass off that.

” It was an opinion widely shared by his mates, although they knew something like that happened only in movies. Free fetish webcams no sign up.
But Sean wasn’t in a movie now.
Trapped as he was, he was not complaining.
If he had to be confined anywhere for three hours, staring at Miss Laurens’s shapely thighs wasn’t exactly a punishment.
“Oops, breath in old son,” he murmured as Jayne crossed her legs again.

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This time, the foot didn’t just brush against him, it stayed in contact with his chest for what seemed like a fraction too long.
Briefly, he wondered if it was accidental or by design.