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She licked his cock, glancing up at him occasionally to look at him, the same dreamy look on her face.
She licked the precum and took him into her mouth.
After a few minutes of that, she stopped.
She led him to the bed, and took off her gown. Discreet mom sex date.
She settled underneath him and took him back in her mouth.
He hungrily started licked and sucking on her lips, occasionally stopping to enjoy the feeling of her taking all of his cock in her mouth.

The sensation became too much for him and he started fucking her mouth and she pressed her body closer to his, rubbing her breasts up against his body, moaning as he moved faster and faster. Big black cock doctor.
He wanted to cum in her mouth, but he wasn’t sure what she wanted.
She grabbed his ass, and he took that as his signal.
He came.
After he had rested for a moment, he looked at her with a question in his smile.

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She lay back on the pillows and let him bring her to orgasm.
“So,” he said, “what do you have in store for me next time?” “Wouldn’t you like to know?” I wouldn’t call it work I knew I was in trouble when she walked into the door. Horny pinay northshore.