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She then wrapped the dog collar around Amy’s neck.
It was attached to a chain leash which Tracy held on to.
There were additional hooks on the collar for attaching more chains, if necessary.
“You’re my little pet now, Amy,” she said. Woodstock va shemales.
“Whenever I tie this collar around your neck, you become my little bitch.
Do you understand?” Amy nodded obediently, a somber look in her eyes.
This brings you satisfaction? she wondered.
“Now come crawl with me to the bedroom, like the little bitch that you are,” ordered Tracy. Dubai swinger night club.
“Don’t you dare get up until I tell you to!” Jeez, she’s being a little testy today.
What have I gotten myself into… Amy was generally the more reasonable and level-headed of the two, while Tracy had always been the more daring and aggressive one in the relationship. No cost hardcore porn bbw.
So, it wasn’t surprising that things were ultimately turning out this way.
Amy got on all fours and crawled across the living room with Tracy, who continuously tugged on her with the leash.
Tracy led her into a hallway just right of the kitchen. Sexy bikini wrestling.
They entered the first door on the left, which was Tracy’s room.
The room was simple and neat.

There was a bed in the center, with a grey metallic bed frame, and adorned with a small wooden bedside table. Favorite dating sim casual romance club.
The room was desolate otherwise, save for a sliding closet and a large window.
“Get on the bed, honey,” ordered Tracy.
She removed a small remote control from her pocket.
Within seconds Amy was laying back against the blue bedsheet, resting her head against a pillow. Christian middle eastern dating.
Her entire body was shaking.
The discomfort she felt was indescribable.
Her rectum was rejecting the toy, pushing hard against it, but to no avail.
It was impossible to push out.
“Now, you get your wish,” said Tracy, smiling mischievously as she pressed a button on the remote control. Random cam girls.
Amy let out a sigh of relief through the ball gag as she felt the electronic toy slowly shrink inside her rectum.
The butt plug deflated down to its original size, relaxing the monstrous pressure it had exerted on Amy’s rectal walls. Council bluffs strip club.

Tracy opened the sliding closet and grabbed a pair of leather wrist cuffs.
“Stay where you are, slut,” she said, crawling onto the bed.
“Before I forget, I should wear you these.
” Tracy forcefully grabbed Amy’s wrists and cuffed them, attaching them together with a chain in between. Sexig aunty.
It was basically an elaborate set of handcuffs.
Amy wasn’t happy about having her hands locked up, but she didn’t want to defy her dominant girlfriend and get some other “punishment.
” She rested her cuffed hands on the pillow above her head. Old ladies having anal sex.