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I met Jody my third year in college.
From the first time we laid eyes on each other we knew that we would be life long friends.
While we were in school we took a small one bedroom apartment off campus, my life with Jody allowed me to explore a side of my personally that I had always kept hidden away. Queenbambilux one on one sexvideo chat.
Growing up in a traditional African- American home where the thought of fucking someone outside the compounds’ of marriage was never to be thought of, but taking a same-sex lover would be an offence that would be beyond unforgivable.

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However, life with Jody gave me the kind of freedom that I had always wanted, but was somehow always too scared to go after.
My freedom story begin the night that Jody and I became lovers.
After three months of living together, and dancing around the fact that we were craving each other pussies, Jody and I decided that it was time to give our bodies the release that we both needed.

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It started that morning when I woke from only a few hours of sleep.
The night had been filled with dreams of Jody and mines naked bodies coming together, that was not unusual.