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Travis worshiped my breasts as no ever had before, and his plunging into me, my riding his shaft, and our union together was amazing.
I collapse from my orgasm lying on his sweating body.
He rolls to his side and we separate. Milf suck my cock.
I feel empty and tired.
I don’t remember what happens next.
DAVID Returning home, Sandy sleeps on the floor covered with dried sweat and cum.
I carry her to the bedroom marveling at her beauty and her succumbing to my fantasy.

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I cover her and take a shower, all the while thinking of her fucking Travis and me and Travis again.
It was wonderful.
Travis and I viewed the pictures and videos at Terry’s Bar and Grill.
At that time of night, we were able to find an empty corner. Edc dating.
We laugh and slap each over on the back at some of the scenes.

Both of us enjoyed the evening, the pictures, and the companionship of two men, two brothers, who reveled in my being a cuckold, bringing my fantasy to fruition. Girls stripping moving pics naked.
I’m disappointed that Travis can’t come to the house tomorrow evening because he has to attend a fundraiser with his wife.