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“I brought her, so I’ll take her back.
” Angelo was saying.
“Let’s go, Abs.
See you around, Lady Di.
” Angelo tossed over his shoulder as he put his hand at Abigail’s back.
Abigail nodded at the buxom blond, who smirked at her. Interracial gang bang cum shoots.
Her face heated up as she saw the female’s hand trail slowly down beneath the sheet covering Gabriel’s groin.
Something inside Abigail snapped and she suddenly turned, stalking back to the grinning woman.

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“What are you doing?” Abigail demanded.
To her satisfaction, Diamond’s face turned red, her eyes wide.
“What do you mean?” Abigail looked pointedly at the hand she’d now withdrawn to rest at his bellybutton. Horny hot mothers in cedar rapids iowa va.
Standing with her back ramrod straight, Abigail lifted her nose.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.
He’s unconscious, and in a delicate state.
How dare you take advantage of this terrible situation to molest him. Netherlands fuck buddy.
” Angelo had come up behind her, placing his hands at Abigail’s shoulders.
The other two men stood at the foot of the bed, eyes darting from one woman to the other.