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He had his own company that was doing well, a fabulous home, and the most amazing girlfriend.
He had worked hard to accomplish the first two things, but Reina being in his life was something he knew he didn’t deserve. Funny reaganisms.
Thank God she loved him, despite all his fucked-up flaws.
He had his Office Manager, Karena Simmons, to thank for bringing Reina into his life.
After ten years of working for him, and being his best friend, she had somehow known what he hadn’t known himself; he was ready to stop fucking every tall, skinny blonde with small boobs that was willing to spread her legs for a good salary and great benefits. _younggirl_ chatroom porns.
She had hired Reina to be his latest Office Whore nearly a year ago and, looking back, he realized that he’d fallen for her from the very first day.
Reina was petite and curvy with luscious, full breasts and a great ass. Busty flexible.
She had red hair that framed her beautiful face; one that sported adorable freckles and seductive, piercing blue eyes.
Her lips were made for kissing, while her mouth and tongue did the most erotic things with his cock. Picture of the soft boobs and ass chicks.
She was the complete opposite of any woman he had ever been with, and she was perfect.

Over the months, she had also proven to be a wonderful asset to his company, having moved into the position of Karena’s assistant very early on. Tgeen porno phots.
They continued to have amazing sex at the office almost daily, even after the whole idea of having an Office Whore became unnecessary.
Reina became his girlfriend and continued to visit his office when he needed sexual release, all while doing an incredible job of revising and revamping procedures and policies, making his company even stronger and more efficient. Free finger fucks girl orgasm porn.
The fact that he had nearly ruined everything last week was still fresh in his mind.
Lunch with his mostly absent father/sperm donor had driven him spiraling back to the same destructive habits that had ruled his teens and part of his twenties. Captainsex4u mobile webcam free hot.
He needed to keep his shit together.
He couldn’t lose Reina.
She made life brighter and better.
Besides his business, which he’d built into something any man would be proud of, he’d had little else in his life that made sense or brought him any real joy.

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“Hey! Earth to Chad!” He heard Reina’s sweet voice teasing, as she started putting away the groceries they’d just picked up and brought home.
“Where’d you go, baby? You were a million miles away.
” “Sorry, baby, I was actually just thinking about you,” he answered sheepishly. Sex webcam trial version.
“About how fortunate I am to have you in my life.
” Reina went to roll her eyes when she realized that Chad was being serious.