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Maybe we were idealistic or unrealistic, who knows.
However, I’ll try most things once, so saw no objection.
“Why not!” I exclaimed and the others hummed with approval.
Penny was obviously more into the scene, but I guess she just wanted us to see what else there was on offer. Pills for penis.
It actually turned out to be a small place concealed down a little alleyway.
It wasn’t somewhere you would ever pass, unless you knew it was there.
It was obviously very much an underground kind of place. Cabo de santo agostinho lonely girls wanting sex.
I’ve returned many times since, and have made several friends there.
My eyes were opened a bit at the time.
I’ll be tactful by saying that some of the girls were more feminine than others.
Quite a few girls were kissing, some quite passionately. School girl chikan.

Also, without wanting to blow my own trumpet, Gemma and I drew quite a few stares when we entered.
OK, I’ll cut the bullshit.
We were hot and we knew it.
“Why is it called Connect4?” I asked.
Penny shrugged and said it was in homage to some sort of board game, but what that’s got to do with lesbians, I still never worked out. Bikini red woman.
We had another couple of drinks in there and got nicely merry.
Me and Gemma and Penny and Maisie ended up kissing and then for a laugh we did a little swapsies and I kissed Penny while Gemma and Maisie snogged. Ss breast cancer.
Penny surprised me slightly and kissed me deeply and gave my bum a squeeze.
Before I knew it, we were both touching each other and only parted when Gemma and Maisie split us up, themselves all silly and giggly. Hairy pussy spy.

There was a knew dimension to our friendship all of a sudden and rather than feeling awkward or embarrassed we felt closer.
I can’t remember who made the first suggestion because were all a bit squiffy but we ended up in a corner and the discussion turned to us meeting up on the Saturday afternoon for a sleepover. Korea model nude.
“That sounds like fun,” I said.
“Just a sleepover?” Said Penny.
Maisie looked at her girlfriend and blushed and then she looked at me and licked her lips.
“Have you done something like that before?” Asked Gemma, getting the drift. Naked girl hairless pussy.
“I’ve been with two girls,” said Penny.
“But a foursome would be a new experience,” she admitted.
I have to concede that I was completely up for it.
I loved Gemma and we had great sex, but the thought of kissing three girls and licking all that pussy made me wet. Football ystrad mynach single mommy.
However, I would only do it if Gemma was up for it.

“What do you think baby?” I said, turning to Gemma.
“I’m Ok with it, if you are.
” I held her hands and looked in her beautiful brown eyes.
“You sure?” “Yes, it will be an experience,” she said. Adult dating louisiana.
“We’re in!” I said.
Penny stroked her girlfriend’s hair and smiled.
“I’m happy for you all to come to mine on Saturday, if we’re all free!” Suggested Penny.
We thought that was a nice idea and we all agreed to chip in with the drinks. Mechta_geysha gratis skype sex.
Kissing Penny had been a defining moment for me in a way.
I had only kissed a couple of guys and didn’t enjoy it.
Kissing Gemma for the first time had been amazing and Penny was too.
Her lips were so soft, and I presume she thought the same about me. Maroc watssap.
It was a good thing I liked kissing girls because a couple of days later I was going to be doing a lot of it.