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The approximately two inch butterfly had a six foot wire attached to a plastic control box that contained four ‘AA-sized’ batteries.
Alfredo operated the button on the side of the control box and the butterfly buzzed loudly. Real instant messenger sex chat.
I held it in my hand and was amazed at the intensity of the vibrations it produced.
“Irene, these straps go around your legs and hold the butterfly in place, The small beak of the butterfly should be nestled against your clitoris. Now accepting resumes for new friends.
Put this on, adjust it correctly and then return with the butterfly under your panties.
” I sat there, shocked, and said, “Alfredo, I can’t do this.

I’d be too embarrassed.
What if someone joins us in this compartment at the next stop?” “It will be fine. Filupina artist nude pics.
I will ensure that nothing gets out of hand.
I will have the control, so I will determine when you are being stimulated and when you can relax.
” I felt my face flush and my vagina begin to moisten at the very thought of this wickedly naughty game that Alfredo was proposing. Michael underwood dating.
After several pensive moments, I nodded and went to the bathroom at the end of he train car.
I locked the door and studied the strange contraption.

The harness resembled a g-string that held a vibrating butterfly by a set of ‘wings’ against a clitoris. Trae asshole by nature lyrics.
The material of the butterfly was a soft, pliant latex-like material.
The device had a six foot wire connected to a controller that held the batteries and it could be set on five intensity levels.
The harness, by itself, would not actually hold the vibrator firmly in place; but worn under my panties, held snuggly in place, it could be quite effective. Genuine webcam sex free.

Want to park and make out a bit.