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But you need to learn to accept what I have for you, no matter what it is.
You will find it more pleasurable than you think,” he said calmly.
Amy knew it was no use trying to argue.
He was the Master and she had to learn to trust him and obey. Bump penis shaft.
She prepared herself for the intrusion, trying to relax and just accept it – after all it didn’t look that big! He placed the tip of the plug at her asshole and as she watched, began to press it into her. Teen girl cumed on porn gif.
At first it wasn’t too bad – even feeling erotic to Amy.
But as the plug went further in, it stretched her wider and wider.
She began feeling fuller and then fuller! “Oh God! Oh it’s too big, Master!” she whimpered. Live nude girl cams.
Still he kept pushing into her.
She tried to wriggle her hips, hoping to help it slide in easier, but it didn’t work.

She tried to relax her ass but the natural pushing action was making it hard to do.
“Please, Master! Cast dick and jane. Oh it’s splitting me in two!” she cried.
“It’s almost in, slut.
just a little more.
there!” he said as it finally slipped in fully.
The last of the toy was tapered smaller so it was more comfortable for her. Senior lady seeking gentleman.
She relaxed and then she even began to feel sexy with the plug deep in her ass.
Master went back to licking and teasing her pussy and Amy quickly forgot about the butt plug.
“Master please.
please fuck me! Korean shower. Oh I want your cock.
I want your cock inside me!” she pleaded.
But he had one more trick up his sleeve first! He reached over to the nightstand and picked up the strange device he had gotten out earlier.
“Do you know what this is, slut?” he asked, “This is called a Magic Wand vibrator. 7valeriya7 vido sex xxx usa live com.

And now you are going to see the ‘magic’ firsthand!” He clicked on the device and Amy heard the buzzing begin.
She felt her pussy tingle even before the wand touched her.
Amy was no stranger to a vibrator. Addison cain interracial.
But this one proved to be more than she could imagine! “OHMYGOD!!!” Amy squealed as the device made contact with her pussy just below her clit.
Amy instinctively arched her back, rocking her hips forward and harder into the device. Huge tit cam.
She clenched her hands and her thighs began to tremble.
The wand’s vibrations were incredible! He ran the vibrator against her clit for a few seconds as he watched her squirm and her thighs tremble.
“Oh fuck, Master! Bear delaware woman fuck woman arab. Oh fuck!” she said as the vibrator brought her to the edge of an orgasm.

Then he pulled away, leaving her frustrated.
“Master, what are you doing? I was almost ready to cum!” she whined.
“I know.
But you are a slave slut now and you must ask permission to cum. Sandywind phone sex girls in usa phone numbers.
If you cum without permission, you will be punished.
Lisa already knows this and now you do as well.
You are to ask permission to cum and never cum without it.
” “Yes Master,” Amy panted.
“Good,” he said.
He put the head of the vibrator in the palm of his hand and then slipped two fingers into Amy’s sopping pussy, holding the vibrator tight against her clit. California amateur golf association.
Amy went crazy feeling the vibrations on her clit as well as from his fingertips inside her.
Oh GOD MASTER!! Please may I cum? PLEASE!” she cried squirming violently against the ropes holding her.
“Cum, slut,” he commanded. Ava devine new.