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He flicked the end of it over her clit and she whimpered.
He leaned closer, exhaling on her clit to warm it again.
Another flick.
she was panting now.
“Please,” she moaned again, a little louder than before. Ashlynne brook cum shot clip.
He ignored her – she could do better than that.
Another flick.
“Please, Cade” she gasped a little louder.
Again he ignored her, but with one hand, began to undo the buttons on his shirt.
Shrugging the garment off, he moved his free hand to his trousers, quickly shedding them to release his throbbing cock. German adult webcam.
“Tell me what you want Eve,” he commanded, stroking his large cock gently until it was its full, hard 9 inches.
With the other hand, he again flicked the ice over her clit.
“I want.
” she swallowed, “Oh god, I want you to fuck me. Asian girl screensavers.

” “Louder,” he said.
“Please,” she almost sobbed.
“Please fuck me.
I’ve never felt like I need to cum this badly before.
” “Do you want me to fuck you with the ice? Do you want to feel the ice plunge inside your depths, just for a moment?” “Yes, please fuck me with the ice, with your cock, with anything!” Cade revelled in this woman, this amazing, strong woman, begging to be fucked. Massage is waiting for you.
Placing the head of the ice dildo at her cunt lips, he dipped inside a centimetre or two and swirled it around.
“Oh god,” moaned Eve.
“More, please give me more.
” The ice was melting at a rapid rate now and Cade knew that although she would feel the shock of the cold, it would not be enough to stretch her pussy and give her the fucking that she needed. Gay body blo.
He plunged the icy dildo as far into her depths as he could and held it there, just for a second or two.

“Oh my fucking god,” Eve screamed as she felt the icy chill invade her pussy and shoot straight to her core. Mature women personals.
Cade removed the ice and giving her clit one last flick with it, replaced what was left of it in the cup under the table.
“Do you want me to fuck you Eve?” he asked quietly, rubbing the head of his cock very gently up and down her soaking slit. Aishwarya ray nude hard.
It felt like a monster to Eve, who could not see anything of Cade with her head restrained at this angle.
“Yes Cade, I want you to fuck me.
Please fuck me hard.
” With those words, Cade gave one hard thrust and buried his whole nine inches deep inside her. Cammi_ sites to broadcast my webcam.
She was so wet she needed no other lubrication but the sheer size of him took her breath away.
His cock felt to her like it was on fire after the coldness of the ice, her cunt branded by his hot shaft.

He gave her no time to regain her senses, but immediately started driving into her again and again, pulling out to just the tip and then plunging furiously inside her. Sweetbeatris chat room girl.
He placed the heel of one of his hands over her clit, the movements of his hard fucking making sensations pulse through it.
Eve could hold back her orgasm no longer.
Little sparks of electricity began to shoot outwards from her pussy to every part of her body. Sex chat amateur cams and pornstars.
Sweat broke out on her skin as she felt the familiar haziness wash over her.
All the nerve endings in her body seemed to gather at her core, tightening and intensifying before exploding everywhere as she came, screaming in the most deliciously violent orgasm of her life. Nude valley city girls.

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