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I smiled at Alfredo, “That young man just came from watching me.
” “I know.
When I was his age, I would have cum too.
Go to the ladies’ room and take off the harness.
” I nodded and did as instructed.
I returned to the compartment, the butterfly in my purse, my panties quite wet. Cam girls fucking.
We had about fifteen minutes until we were due into Valencia Joaquin Sorolla station.
Ricardo did not return.

I never saw that young man again.
Alfredo hailed a taxi and we drove to the hotel.
It was a gorgeous facility, right on the beach. Camryns big blowjob.
I waited in the lobby as Alfredo checked in.
He then escorted me to room 721.
We had a beautiful terrace with a view of the pool and the ocean.
Alfredo stood behind me cupping my breasts as I breathed in the salt air and listened to the waves. Mature ebony soles worship.

I could feel his erection pulsing against my back.
“I guess we better take care of that huge boner of yours, huh?” “That would be nice.
” “Let me put my diaphragm in place and I’ll let you fuck me.
Then you can buy lunch.
” “Sounds like the deal of a century.
” I opened my suitcase and retrieved the beige plastic container that held my diaphragm and a tube of spermicidal jelly and went to the bathroom. Boobs painted like soccer balls.