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Our minds seemed to brush against each other instead of our tongues.
I could feel anger and want in him.
“How about now?” “Now? You’re.
scary and warm, and I feel amazing and like I might float off and die,” I said, pecking him on the nose to lighten the mood. Lady ga ga pics xxx.
Afterward, I slumped onto him, drained and sore but excited, rocking my hips back and forth pleasantly on his point.
His cum felt wonderfully slick on his hard cock as I clutched it into me.
“I was so mad,” he whispered in my ear. Popeye likes camsex.
I stopped rocking.
“I wanted to hurt you.
Maybe rape you.
To make you feel my pain.
I got rough.
And then rougher.
I rammed you in the ass.
You let me.
You got pleasure from it, I could tell.
I hated that, more than anything. __angelok__ free amature live webcam sex.

I tried humiliating you.
God, I pissed on you.
You liked that, too.
” “The moment you caught me with them, I knew I’d fucked up.
Like a drunk waking up behind the wheel of a wrecked car.
I knew how big it was, too,” I said, hugged him and kissed his neck, nodding. Shaved pussy yoga girls.
“But when you finally got mad enough at me, when you stayed and fucked me hard, I had hope.
” “I thought about leaving, after.
I walked out when I found Kate in bed with… I wanted you to do the leaving.
You did it, it should be you running. Auditions mature tube.
So I kept it up.
Abusing you every chance I got, driving you away.
You didn’t run.
You glommed on harder.
Then we ran into Jimmy again.
I wanted to kill him, but I took it out on you.
I thought you’d leave after I made you walk home drenched and smelly. Sissyboy91 free online live webcam.

You apologized, instead.
I could tell you really meant it.
” “I did.
I do.
” I whispered.
“You wanted to kill Jimmy over me.
You wanted to hurt me.
I saw how I’d torn you up.
” “I liked tearing you up, looked forward to using you. Directory image jpg last modified parent slut submitted voyeur wife.
I hated myself for it, but it felt good and you deserved it.
” He humped his hardening cock up into me.
“You didn’t hate me?” “God, Laura.
I hated you.
First I find Karen cheating, then find you.
Wonderful you. Some quick time love.
And then you betray me.
I lost it.
But I missed you, too.
I was so confused and wanted to talk with you about it, but you wanted to talk and I couldn’t let you have what you wanted.
I would get mad everytime you asked and then…” He grabbed my ass in both hands and squeezed. Naughty schoolgirl hardcore porn.
I moaned.
“I missed you, too.
” I said, hugging him to me.

“I wanted you to kiss me and love me, to forgive me, but.
” “To punish you, too?” he said.
I don’t know,” I shrugged against his neck, unsure. Aliyah victoria latina porn.
“I liked how honest you were being, but I wanted more.
” He pushed me away enough so he could kiss me deeply and long.
Too soon, he broke off the kiss.
I groaned, not wanting it to end.
“I love you,” he said. Bolivian dating.
“My heart is breaking,” I wanted confirmation we were okay, or at least going in that direction.
“Can you ever forgive me?” “No,” he said, his voice sounding as sure as a hammer blow.
“Everytime I think about what you did, I see red. Guy licking beautiful pussy up and close.
I’ll never forgive you and I’ll always want to punish you.
” “You brought me here,” I concluded.
“If you can’t stand thinking about me cheating then why the–” I couldn’t bring myself to say gangbang.
“Why all those men?” “I don’t know… well. Dating death spouse.