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Linda, it turned out, loves the psychological aspects of dominating me, she thrives on being able to make me embarrass myself and make me beg for my ‘punishments’.
She also has, as I soon found, a big and steadily growing circle of like minded friends whom she involves, to my heightened humiliation, in our games on a regular basis. German teen picked up for double penetration.
She’s very creative in her means of embarrassing me too, and she likes to spring the unexpected at me.
You wouldn’t believe the lengths she goes to.
My whole body still tingles when I think back to the evening she took me out to a well-known restaurant and made me strip naked in the middle of the room while everyone else was eating. Gallery hentai junkies milk.
To this day, I still can’t really understand how she managed to cajole me into fulfilling her requests, but she did.

All guests were members of a bdsm club, I later learned, and the whole event had been timed so I’d not notice anything amiss. Mature couples into threesomes.
But I didn’t know that when I sunk my pussy onto the unlit candle on our table and fucked myself to a screaming orgasm on her command.
I wasn’t aware of that when I licked the toes of the indignant woman in her late forties at the table next to ours, and I was still clueless when she had me pee into a glass bowl on the table and thrashed my buttocks for splashing a few drops on the table cloth. Shemale ass mouth.
She finally did tell me though, right before she concluded the evening by putting a collar around my neck, silver and shiny, with a small badge that dangled from the front and read ‘Linda and Eve’s dirty little kitten’ and a number of O-rings to fix leashes and shackles to it.

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I wear it all the time, and when I’m at home, it is often accompanied by a headband with pink kitty ears and a butt plug with a long, equally pink tail.
Eve, on the other hand, loves to hurt me.
She takes me to my limits over and over again and keeps me balancing right on the small edge where my body can’t distinguish any longer whether it is pain or pleasure it is feeling. Beautiful woman bikini background.
I’ve shed many tears through our sessions in the ‘dungeon’, and will hopefully continue to do so.

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