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Once I was sat I covered my privates with my hands, but she told me to take my hands away.
It was from my member that the Devil would leave my body she said, and she had to see that I was properly ready for her to draw him out. Shemale japanese suck penis and interracial.
Then to my utter dismay and confusion, and to my horrified gaze, she removed her robe and stood before me utterly naked.
To my eternal shame I could not prevent myself responding to what I was forced to watch. Skinny dipping teen pics.
I felt an unaccustomed stirring in my loins and my member began to grow and stand erect before me.
Worse was to follow as the Prioress parted her legs and began to stroke and fondle her womanhood.
“The only true way to be certain that the Devil is driven from you, and so that you are shriven and saved from future sin, is for you to thrust you manhood into my secret place here between my legs,” she whispered; I supposed so that the Devil would not hear her plans and resist.
“The evil one will not be able to resist the sweet allure of this forbidden place, and he will be drawn from the depths of your soul.

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In the release of your soul he will be expelled with the emission of your seed, and you will know that I have him trapped by my moans and cries.
Then when the curse of all womankind comes upon me and I pass blood from my womb, he will be expelled into the common sewer where he belongs.
” All sense of sin had by now fled from my fevered brain and a great heat was spreading from my loins throughout my inflamed body. Nude asian girls sperm.
I now realise that I was in the grip of a great madnes and powerless to resist, so when the Prioress lay down on the rugs in front of the fire and instructed me to lie between her parted legs and to thrust my shaft into her dark tunnel, I obeyed with a fascinated alacrity.

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Then began the great struggle — a battle for my soul as I believed it to be.
I thrust time and again into the warm heart of her most intimate being and she began to moan and writhe in religious ecstasy. Blonde chubby claire.
Finally with a great shout the Devil passed like fire from my body up my shaft into the place she had prepared to entrap him.

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