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Online, I rationalized, was not real although it sure felt that way! Thus I wasn’t really ‘cheating’ on Tom.
I never had a desire to cyber with men although given many invitations.
Online was where I explored my bi-side. Cheating wife on cam.
I could have very easily taken several of these electronic encounters into the real world except none were Australian! On the other hand, that geographical barrier was also a very important psychological barrier. Young boy drinking piss.
While I still wanted to experience a woman’s touch again in real life, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure of the consequences.
The divide between my real life and my cyber life was a reassuring safety net. Widowed how long before dating.
I could be bold, even at times promiscuous online, with no real impact on my real life in Sydney.

With hindsight, I was right to tread cautiously.
My cyber life was more of a reflection of me than I realised at the time. Girls grab each other butt ass.
The breaking of my self-imposed barrier between my cyber life and my real world came at a rather unlikely place—the opening of an art show sponsored by Tom’s firm.
It was a warm early summer’s evening.
I was dressed in a sleek flowing dress that nicely showed my figure. Carmen electra facial.
Tom liked it but since it was backless I couldn’t wear a bra with the result that it was rather revealing if my nipples became aroused.
Not that I anticipated that they would at a rather stuffy cocktail party. Gay teacher spanking stories.
Her name was Julie.
Tall, 3” or 4” over my 5’7”, slim with full breasts that would have been large on a shorter woman but looked perfect on her.

She looked a little older than me.
I learnt later she was ten years older! Asian wedding photography filming. Across the room her glance caught my eyes and held them.
In that fraction of a second I knew that she would have me.
My pussy dampened and to my chagrin my nipples puckered.
I blushed, broke eye contact and turned to the refreshment table. Ray winstone nude clip.
As I nibbled a prawn, hoping no one would notice my aroused nipples, she materialised beside me.
“Hi, My name is Julie,” she said, reaching for a prawn.
“I just love prawns, don’t you?” she added, her red lips making her nibbling incredibly erotic. Sexy girls in threesome.