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Your eyes meet mine, a slight smile crossing your lips.
You lower your face and nuzzle my cock.
A darting tongue caresses the soft tender head as you lick slow tantalizing circles, bringing a moan to me. Porn from avatar the last airbender.
Moving up and down the shaft, you engulf me fully.
Now it’s my turn to squirm and thrash about.
“God, Cindy that feels so good, baby,” I mutter between clinched teeth.
You continue to glide up and down.
Pulling off momentarily, you use your index finger to collect then smear the precum that seems to spring from a never ending well. Women seeking sex new zealand.
Then once again, your mouth descends upon me with a slight raking of the teeth.
You do it not to bring pain, but even more pleasure, causing yet another moan.
“Enough Cindy, God baby, I don’t want to cum yet. Penetration aid carrier.
I want inside you, now!” I state simply but with an urgency that lets you know that you have driven me near the edge I had hoped not to cross just yet.
One last lick from bottom to top and you pull off me with an audible pop. Women senegal dating.
As you crawl up next to me we share a kiss.
You lay on your back awaiting the inevitable.
Legs slightly spread, I see the object of my desire, the inviting place all men long to be.

Your vaginal lips are swollen and wet, the moisture so evident. Dating sim cuckold.
I gaze with wonder and lust.
You use forefinger and thumb, opening yourself for my arrival.
I move ever so closer to paradise.
Your other hand grasps my cock, guiding it into you.
As I push deeper, your body opens up to me like a gateway, letting me enter into that most elusive of treasures. Beautiful softcore tube.
Removing your fingers, entrance now gained, I slide deeper inside you.
I feel the tight confines of you, hot and wet, as your arms now embrace me.
Fingers stroking my back as I reach the depths of your body, I slowly slide inside, making the feeling linger until my balls are nestled against your ass. Raulsantiag01 girls toilet hidden cam.
I pause.
Using your muscles you clinch me; you release me, driving me crazy with lust.
I begin a slow withdrawal.
Only the head remains inside you.
I pause again momentarily, then thrust deep inside again until I am buried inside once more.

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Over and over the pace is set.
We share the oldest form of pleasure known to mankind, bodies responding to our hearts’ desire.
I work myself inside you.
The squishing sound of your wetness fills my ears, just as I fill you. Umbra couples cam to cam.
You meet me thrust for thrust, our hips a blur as our passion rises and heat of our coupling expands.
“Damn Cindy, you are so tight, so wet!” I exclaim.
“I may not be able to last much longer, baby.
” “Then cum for me Clay, cum with me, let me feel you cum inside me!” “Oh shit girl, I am so close. Free online sex.