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” “Okay, love.
” Martin stood as she licked his hardening prick.
She enjoyed that he kept his pubic hair trimmed short.
She felt his hands entangle her hair as he started stroking his dick in her mouth.
In hard out slow, his cock enjoying the feel of her teeth, at just the right places to enhance his pleasure. Ass licking lesbian videos free.
Verity took him all in, her tongue swirling his prodigious member.
“Oh, that’s the way, lick my cock.
You know how much you love it.
” Her hands reach behind and grabbed his butt, pulling him deeper, she felt him at the back of her throat, right then she thrust two fingers into his asshole.

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Martin bucked.
“Oh fuck Verity, that’s the way.
Here comes your reward.
” Martin’s penis responded to her unexpected deep throating, with four good bursts right down her throat.
She licked and sucked, to make sure he was finished, before pulling her mouth off of him. Bbw free porn tube.
“I hope that provides enough for you to think about for two days?” “It sure will.
” After Verity left, Martin showered and readied himself.
“I’ll need a dozen roses and a gift… a necklace will be good, then I’ll go see Abby and make sure she’s not mad at me because I didn’t see that stupid damn theater show with her.

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” Abby’s House Abby had recently returned from putting a few things in her car when the doorbell rang.
She yelled out.
“Vince, the door’s open, come on it.
” What the fuck! Who’s Vince? As Martin entered. Hairless nude teen beach.
“Abby, I’m sorry about last night and not being able to go to the show, but my friend was bummed, he’s having marital issues right now.

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