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The day was perfect for sailing, bright and sunny with just the right amount of wind.
We decided not to venture too far out and stay fairly close to shore since I was not experienced at ocean sailing, however the calm waters off the east end were more like a lake than an ocean that day. Meredith viera pantyhose shoeplay.
We were having a great time sailing and I was enjoying watching Jennifer in her little lime green bikini contrasted against her very suntanned skin.
And of course Jennifer took every opportunity to flash her tits at me or give me a little pussy flash, especially as I was working the sail. Pissing in nature.
About midday we found a nice fairly secluded spot in a cove and decided to drop sail and anchor in order to have lunch and some champagne.
I was quite hungry by that time and we devoured the sandwiches along with some crackers and cheese and sat back cuddled up enjoying a few glasses of champagne.

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After emptying the bottle of champagne Jennifer started kissing on me and caressing my leg.
I said to her, “You sure are getting frisky.
” Jennifer answered with a question, “No one is around are they?” I looked around and saw other boats but none were close at all, the fairly large yacht in the distance seemed to be heading in the other direction. No condoms sex.
So I answered her, “No we are pretty much alone right here.
” At that, Jennifer immediately removed her bikini top and maneuvered around in front of me planting a deep sensual wet tongue kiss on me.
I kissed back, our tongues playfully involved in an erotic dance, twirling around each other, pulling each other’s tongue deep into our mouths.

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My cock started to swell and feel tight inside the confines of my cargo style swim shorts.
The more we deep kissed the more my cock throbbed.
Jennifer’s exposed breasts rubbed against my chest, allowing my skin to feel the hardness of her erect nipples, letting me know just how aroused she was. Europeans dating americas.
Jennifer then kissed down my neck, slowly dragging her tongue down my chest and arriving at and teasing my belly button.
Then I felt her hands clasp my swim shorts pulling them down around my knees.
My dick which was throbbing immensely, sprung upward upon being freed from its restraints within my shorts. Are there alot of horny chicks sumatera utara blogs.
I moaned loudly with pleasure as Jennifer ever so skillfully slid her tongue up and down my fully erect cock, flicking at the head then teasingly sliding down and around the girth of me.

The immense pleasure draining my brain of blood as it rushed to my happy throbbing and engorged penis. Who is alexis bledel dating now.
I could think of nothing else, only experience the intense pleasure as Jennifer continued to slurp and pleasure my cock with her wet tongue.
New moans and groans emerged from me as her hands skillfully caressed my aching balls and tight swollen scrotum. Patty ledoux pink photos dating nasyy.
“Damn that feels good,“ I groaned out.
“Oh! Get ready because I am going to fuck your balls off and rock this little boat!” Jennifer eagerly exclaimed to me in her sexy passionate voice.
“Not before I lick you to orgasm,” I answered her. Chubby women vagina nudes.
“In that case I am ready when you are my gorgeous man,” Jennifer said.