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I am so vulnerable and exposed right now but I couldn’t feel any safer.
Anticipation builds as I realise what is about to happen.
You are such a good girl.
So wet and ready for me to frustrate you.
” He climbs onto the bed and sits on his knees between my spread legs. Hot cam videos.
Will you blindfold me?” “No young lady, I will not.
I want to see your pretty little face when that orgasm fades away into insignificance”.
My breathing speeds up dramatically as the extent of his cruelness hits me hard in the face. Sexy chat masnger.
This is going to kill me.
I need release so badly.
It has been too long.
I fight back the tears that threaten as he watches me.
Without me noticing, his fingers make contact once more with that immeasurably sensitive part of my body. Latex fisting wear.
At the same time, he leans forward, purses his lips and blows one continuous stream of air directly between his fingers.

I gasp and my hips lift up from the bed.
He pushes me back down as his fingers start an assault on my body. Playful sexy women blowjob gifs.
They circle and flick and push against my clit.
His other hand reaches up towards my breasts, catching hold of one of my nipples.
He squeezes hard, causing a deep moan to escape my lips.
I am struggling to breathe normally as he builds me up higher and higher, closer and closer. Hot big ass video.
“You will practice,” he growls.
“I am going to take you right to the edge and stop.
You will relax everything and take deep breaths.
Do you understand?”.
I can’t speak from my erratic breathing and moans as his fingers are still working on me. Mature foot thumbs.

“Do you understand?” He slaps his hand down hard against my breast.
“Yes Sir!” I shout back at him.
He growls once more and continues working me up to that massive edge.
“Now young lady!”.
He pulls his fingers away and I force myself to breathe. Naughty nurse handjob.
I force the oxygen into my lungs as slowly as I can manage and try to relax my muscles.
My legs are shaking and he places a comforting hand against my calf.
A few more breaths and I no longer feel the tension. Japanese ebody.
“Mhm good girl.
Are you ready? This is it.
Don’t let me down young lady, I know you can do it.