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She didn’t move for a moment, she was enjoying his heat, his taste.
She pursed her lips down on the ridge at the base of the head, and began slowly bobbing up and down, gliding the top of his cock through her lips. Cumshots on asain by black.
Paul was gone now, slumped back and not seeing or hearing anything – just aware of the sensations sparking off in his dick.
Diane kept on softly wanking his tip with her lips, and then brought her tongue forward to start tracing circles on it in her mouth. Femdom spitting on cuckold.
She explored every bit of it, and pressed her tongue up harder onto it, cradling it from underneath.

She brought her hand up to join in, and lightly brushed her finger and thumb up and down his shaft, feeling the veins pulse, the soft soft skin stretched so tight. Dick durbins tax return.
Diane curled her fingers around it, and gripped it tight at the base.
She drew her hand up and down, matching the rhythm of her mouth.
Paul was getting double the pleasure now, and she could feel him start to pulse. Car dealer.
She drew her lips back off his cock, but kept on rolling his skin back and forth in her hand.
She saw a trace of fluid seep from the slit, and slowed right down, while relaxing her grip to a faint touch.

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Diane was loving the sight; Paul was breathing shallow, and she was only just keeping him on the edge of climax.
Then she brought her lips back to his cock, and opened her mouth wider.
She took in the throbbing head, and then pushed on further, as more of his shaft filled her. Fuck girls bargara.
Eventually, she felt the wisps of his hair on her nose, and began rocking her head slowly.