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” He grins before he swiftly wraps his right hand around my neck and gently squeezes it, making me gasp and forcing my womb to tighten.
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I look across the street at the apartment building and smile when I see a man on his couch, watching television.
If he were to look out his window, he’d see me pressed up against the glass in a compromising position. Bdsm gay orgasm.
Just the thought of it sends a chill throughout my body, making me rub up against Laurence.

“Can anyone see us, darling?” he asks in a low raspy whisper, making my belly flutter.
“There is a man sitting on a couch, watching television. Naughty nude chat room.
If he were to look out his window, he’d see us.
” “Mmm.
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” He slides his right hand down my body to the top of my skirt.

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