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This time I didn?t’t have to worry about poking her with my dick or even trying to reposition myself to get access to her opening.
I was already there.
I kept my dick pushed in her as it grew to full size once again and then I started my slow movement in and out of her. Busty senior sex date in citrus united states.
This time I was less frantic to cum.
I knew the perfect routine to empty cum from my balls and so I began my gentle fucking of mom for what seemed like half an hour or maybe more.
Since it had become lighter in the tent I could sometimes move outside of my body in a sense and watch my self sliding my dick in and out of the naked woman pressed against me and I could see also the outline of her full tit and a bit of the dark nipple at the end of it pointing heavily towards the tent floor.

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This time I never had to speed up my fucking of mom, I just kept us the slow steady pace and the cum just began to shoot out of me almost involuntarily, without my control.
I exploded into her for the third time that night pumping and filling her with another load of my teen cum. Beautiful girl and boy dress xxx.
I should explain that I am usually able to jerk off five or six times a day; I make that much cum I am physically uncomfortable and it hurts if I go more than three or four hours without cumming.
I jerk off any chance I can at school, at the mall, in the shower, sometimes in the woods or the remote part of the park field. Sex cam no member ship.
I just make too much cum to go for any length of time without shooting it out.
Keeping the amount of cum I can produce in my mind I was totally amazed that mom could keep that volume of my cream inside her.

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She was certainly right about one thing; she wouldn’t have wanted to sleep in the puddle of cum I could produce.
Finally, being truly exhausted, I fell asleep but only after making sure I was positioned so I could continue to press my dick into mom and keep it there as I sleep. Hornyalessys my free cans.
This time when I awoke, it was to the sound of whispering voices and when I opened my eyes just a slit I could see it was light outside and inside the tent.
Dad was sitting up close to mom and they were talking in a whisper but I could catch individual words like “stop’; crazy; wake him; not the time; no; later. Chubby milf ass pictures.