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I’ll try” she said in a daze as she rolled over.
The students could see her breasts now hanging from her body and her beautiful ass pointing up into the air.
Andre knelt behind her and placed the head of his prick at her entrance.
“Here it comes baby. Rosielovely lillian webcamchat.
Get a pillow and hold on,” said Andre with a smile.
The students were rapt in attention, unable to take their eyes off his enormous brown pole against Jeannie’s plump tanned ass.
“Unnnnhhh” he moaned as he sunk his penis into her in one slow stroke.

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Jeannie collapsed her head into a pillow, muffling her cry of surprise from having her body filled once again by this enormous penis.
As Andre drove his length into her, her cheeks and thighs wobbled and her breasts wagged forward and backward.

I was to horny to wait.
The students could no longer see Jeannie’s face, now obscured by her auburn hair and the king-sized pillow that she rested her head and arms in.
Andre’s abdominal muscles were clenched as he grabbed her hips, pulling her back to his body, causing an audible ‘slap’ to ring through the room and into the observation room with each thrust. Nairobi free mobile sex chat.

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