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If only she could last.
As the music reached a crescendo her dance partner lifted her into the air and ran across the stage with her.
As he brought her back down he slipped and Emma fell, losing her concentration and accidentally relaxing her bladder as she stood back up.
“Oh no,” she whispered to herself, turning bright red as a trickle filled her panties and overflowed the sides. Mature gay dads and young boys.
It soon turned into a torrent, Emma was unable to stop it, she’d lost control.
A never ending stream of urine ran down her legs, splashing onto the stage and pooling at her feet as she stood there wetting herself in front of the entire audience and all those watching at home.

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The crowd was silent, the judges staring open mouthed.
Finally the presenter stepped out on stage, as the last few drops fell from a humiliated Emma.
She felt the warmth on her legs, the wetness of her panties, the burning shame on her face and wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole.
“Well,” began the presenter.
“At 75, I thought I was supposed to be the one who couldn’t control his bladder.
” That broke the spell, the audience laughed, so did the judges. Pounding lesbian.
Even Emma half smiled.

As she slowly made her way to her seat there was a sympathetic round of applause from half the audience, the other half giggling and whispering.
Emma sat staring at the floor, wondering if her career was over before it had had a chance to really get going. Spirituele datingsite nederland.
She didn’t hear the judges’ comments, lost as she was in her own thoughts.
“The results are in,” said the presenter.
“And today’s winner is Emma and Evan!” There was a moment of confusion before the crowd began cheering.
“The people at home must have liked your stunt!” he added as Emma was brought back out to the stage. Kisseskris nude fuck online free chat videos.

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