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I hadn’t seen or heard him come up or enter the room since I had my back to the door.
Startled, I give a little yelp and jump.
He says “I thought I told you to never wear clothes in bed.
” I look over my shoulder at him and give him a little playful smile. Threesome partners collegeville pa.
He then tells me to get up and take them off.
When I don’t move right away he says to me, “You do know what the punishment is for not doing as you’re told?” I said yes and climb out of bed and begin to undress.

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He sits on the edge of the bed and tells me to come stand in front of him.
I walk around the bed and stand in front of him.
He reaches out and grabs my wrist and pulls me to him, pulling me down till I am lying across his lap with my ass in the air. Yuka wakui the slut of disposable.

He gentle caresses my butt.
First one cheek, then the other.
I feel his hand draw back and brace myself.
He says “You know what’s coming, right?” “Yes,” I reply.
“What?” He knows if he doesn’t make me say it, that I will think I have the upper hand. Maria chelmsford sex cam.
It’s his way of reminding me that he is the man of the house and as his woman, and that I am to obey him.