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The buzz from the wine loosened my tongue and made me bold, so I answered truthfully: “Yeah, for both of us.
It happened unexpectedly though, we hadn’t planned on it.
but how the hell did you know?” I asked, feeling my forehead for the word ‘lesbian’ stamped on it. Shaved cameltoe videos.
Maria took my hand to hold it gently.
Her hand was warm.
and soft.
and so gentle.
I was starting to get turned on by her.
“Oh, Dear, when a woman is into women, she picks up on certain tell-tail signs from like-minded women that straight, heterosexual women don’t give off.

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Girls who like girls can’t help sending signals out even if they try not to.
You’ll see what I’m talking about someday.
” “You could tell just like that that we were, well, into each other?” I asked.
“Oh, the way you two act toward each other, a blind person could see it.

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I noticed a difference in you this morning from last night and knew it could only be one thing.
And the way you were looking at me, looking places only a man would look, I knew for certain.
” “We’re sorry, Maria,” I apologized.
“No, you didn’t offend me, you were turning me on,” she said, squeezing my hand.
“So, please tell me your story how you got started. 12 and boy and naked.