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Under the weighted blanket on her bed, Mia stared at an image on her iPad of a woman with dark, chocolate brown eyes looking at the camera.
Her face and shoulders were doused with what might’ve been white icing and strawberry chunks. 2gladtoseeyou chat with people online for free.
The color of her hair was indecipherable.
Her finger, caked with the same icing, headed for her the smiling gape of her open mouth.
Ripping her gaze from the photograph, Mia glanced at the subtitle on the Wiki page. Ebony voyeur site.
“A woman who has been pied.
” She looked back at the woman and wished she could see the video.
See it slide down her skin, fall off her face.
“WAM,” Mia had Googled.
Wet and messy.
The name of the fetish was almost funnily appropriate, but it felt solidifying to her. People using sex swings.

Like it belonged in the make up of intimacy.
Bass thunked from downstairs, made her sit up in bed.
Her heart was racing, her breath heaving, the crux between her thighs warm.
She swallowed.
Licked her lips and realized Baun had opened the basement door, allowing the rock song to come out like a beacon. Horney garl rochester new hampshire.
It’s time.
The spiral iron stairwell vibrated with each step down.
Mia’s toes curled over every step until she reached the flat wooden floor and looked toward the light to her right.
Two giant black umbrellas framed the area in the middle of the room, bright lights in their chests. Find a sex date in miami florida.
Clear, sheeted plastic covered the walls and floors and under the sawhorse in the middle of the highlighted area.
Chains and black leather cuffs hung from the bottom of its legs and coiled on the floor.

Countdown cum.
Baun’s bright red hair splashed over her shoulder as she bent over the video camera aimed at the sawhorse.
Standing, she flipped her hair over her shoulder, caught Mia’s eye, and shot her a grin.
Smiling back, it suddenly hit her what adorned Baun’s torso. Shemale husband stories.
Black, shiny latex, a material she never knew could be worn until she met Baun.
Only the redhead’s long alabaster white legs showed, disappearing into a pair of shiny black boots.
A table next to the camera held different objects. Old women fuck young staycation with a. Blowjob xxx video.
Whipped cream.
The brown hourglass figure of chocolate syrup.