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” I had to interject a little, “Uhh, for the record, you were an assistant manager.
But no, it wouldn’t have mattered.
” And I gave Jacqui a nice kiss on her cheek.
Trisha looked around and apparently thought maybe she better get back to work, “I have a couple more tables finishing up, are you guys ready to order?” Her smiley face gave the impression that she really did want to continue this conversation but after all, she was working now. Big tranny bounce.
Jacqui quickly looked at the menu, “I haven’t even looked.
” She scanned down it and asked for the six ounce prime rib.
I already knew what I wanted before we got there, “The biggest rib steak you have.
” She asked Jacqui about the salad and so on, then asked me, “Same as last time?” “Exactly, you remember?” “I do, salad, lots of thousand island, no olives, baked potato butter only.

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” I was more than impressed, “Guess you only get one or two customers a week so you can remember, right?” “Haha! You three were kind of memorable.
I’ll put in your order.
” Then she walked away, wiggling her cute bottom just a little extra I thought. Most romantic beautiful teen porn.
I looked at Jacqui who was sitting across from me giggling.
She said, “That was fun, wasn’t it?” I gritted my teeth a little, “Just where the heck are you going with this?” “Well you brought me here and introduced me to this cute waitress who you obviously have a thing for. Sex chat n o 2015.
I thought we should have a little fun to lighten our evening.
” “I do NOT have a thing for her!” She looked at me with a smirk on her face, “Maybe you can convince yourself of that, but I saw how you looked at her.

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You want to get in her pants and I just might make that happen!” My jaw dropped about a mile.
She was right, I did.
What normal, red-blooded guy wouldn’t? I wasn’t about to admit it though! And make it happen? Yukie001 www porn girl live onlinsex video. Not a chance in hell! But I was going to call her bluff, “I double-dog dare you to!” I told her.
She just looked at me with what seemed at the time like an evil grin on her face and didn’t say a word.
She just winked at me like she was thinking, “Okay, buster, watch this!” Trisha stopped by a few minutes later to refill our drinks. Mother toilet.
While she was there, Jacqui took the opportunity to quiz me, “You never did answer Trisha’s question sweetie.
Do you have anything against waitresses?” I was trying to take a drink and about choked on that question!

Blonde boobs sexy. “Umm no, I love waitresses.
” Then realized what I’d said, “What I’m trying to say is that there’s nothing at all wrong with being a waitress.
” Trisha said, “I liked your first answer better.
” Jacqui nodded that she did too. Dating after homecoming.
Then Jacqui asked her, “This boyfriend, do you have a picture of him?” I looked at Jacqui.
One thing I did NOT want to do is get into some boyfriend-girlfriend swap thing.
It was bad enough for me that Jacqui was leaving in a couple months, but I didn’t want her having sex with some random guy! Frewe random camsex. Is that weird or what? I wanted my wife to have a lover, but my girlfriend – NO WAY! I don’t know if Jacqui saw a look on my face or if she’d only been kidding about the boyfriend in the first place but she told Trisha, “Just kidding, I have all the guy I can handle right now. Prednol40 chat cam gratis crossdress.