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It really hurt again but this time I had enough composure to say, “One, Thank you, Mr.
” “Good, now you’re catching on.
Be sure and count all six of them so no more will need to be repeated.
” Mr.
Green said. Beach nudist girl pics.
Then WACK.
“Two, Thank you, Mr.
” I said.
This continued until I was ready to receive my sixth “counted” stroke.
I had actually received six strokes already since I forgot to count the first one.
“Your final stroke will fall in the crease between your bottom and your thighs.

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You will really be able to tell that you’ve been spanked when you try to sit down.
” Mr.
Green said.
I felt the crop in my crease as he was measuring for the last stroke, then WACK!! This really hurt.
I let out a loud “Ouch”, and squirmed in my bonds. Fillipina gags on cock.

It felt like a streak of hot fire had gone across my poor bottom.
“I didn’t hear you count again, so your last stroke will be repeated”, he said.
“No please!! Can’t you just stop! I’ve learned my lesson.
” I pleaded.
“I said that you would get six counted strokes with the riding crop, and that is what you’re going to get!” he said.
“So prepare yourself to receive and count this sixth stroke again.
” Then I felt the crop in about the same place this last stroke landed then WACK. Average depth of anal penetration human anus.