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She brought them over to my lips.
Then her palms reached back onto my head, and pushed my face back down into her slit.
“I know you love me when I get feisty,” she mentioned.
She released my head, and began slowly moving around in the air, as my search for her g-spot commenced. Irisha19 sex wap.
On the other hand, my tongue ached, and my adrenaline took it’s toll on me too.
“Fuck, Kirsten, you are gonna make my tongue fall out,” I moaned, as my head backed up a few inches.
“At least you’ll get rewarded,” she reminded me. Older lonely married woman phumi pau ta deng.
A minute was taken for my tongue to heal, and I put my right hand on my left wrist.

My pulse was dashing, and my body couldn’t stop shaking.
I felt naked in Antarctica, with shivers going down my spine.
Her left eyebrow rose, as her eyes watched me try to calm down.
“Are you ready for one more ride, lover?” she pondered. Hairy older chubby men naked.
As all the necessary strength wasn’t gather yet, my face went right down.
A couple fingers from each hand became infused within her slit, as every single centimeter of my tongue went in.
“Fuck, I’m so glad he married you. Fucking mature dating.
How else would I have found you?” she wanted to know.

An orgasm broke ground for a full minute, and covered my face entirely.
It became crystal clear again why I loved her so much.
With a wet face, my head came to rest right on her mound, as we both needed to catch our breaths. Creamy white pussy orgasm.
Sweat ran off both of our bodies, as our lungs were on life support.
It took a few minutes, but we it was definitely needed.
Then her arms reached over to me, and drug me up with her, so my head rested on her right shoulder facing the ceiling.
“I could masturbate a million times, and that would be nothing compared to what you just did for me,” she said slowly. Runnetka malayalam sex chat java apps.