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“Yes, sir.
I’ll be there.
” Sarah turned and headed off towards the drinks table.
I stared at her arse as she walked, and a wicked thought crossed my mind.
“Miss Fitzgerald.
” Sarah spun around and returned silently, a slight look of worry in her eye. Mexican herpe dating service.
I wondered if she was worried that I might push for more, or that I might back out of our little deal.
‘Still,’ I thought, ‘having gone this far, I might as well go a little further.

’ So I said, “I was just wondering whether you have regulation underwear on under that skirt. Validating a questionnaire.
” Again, Sarah’s eyes widened, perhaps shocked at my unexpected boldness.
But she didn’t back down, or call an end to our little game.
“Er, regulation underwear sir?” “Bloomers, Miss Fitzgerald.
” She let out a bit of a laugh, and then stopped herself.

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“Bloomers? What the.
” I could only shrug.
I didn’t really know exactly what bloomers were – it was just the first word that popped into my head.
She looked me in the eye, and we both fought back laughter. Amateur female web site.
I tried to get back into character.