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This fantasy fulfillment agency called It’s Just Sex! sounded like just what he needed.
He dropped a quarter into the pay phone and punched the number he’d memorized.
The voice answering was crisp, male, and ultra professional.
“Thank you for calling It’s Just Sex! Masik15 skybe cam live mother sex. How may I direct your call?” “I would like to arrange a—liaison.
” “Certainly, sir.
Are you familiar with our procedure?” Without waiting for a response, he continued.
“We accept all major credit cards, money orders and, of course, cash. Latex black butt.
No personal checks.
The first step is to schedule an appointment.

Is there a particular day or time that is most convenient for you to come to our offices for the interview?” “Well,” Father Secco coughed, “that’s going to be a problem. Selita ebanks bikini.
In my line of work, I cannot be seen on your premises.
I was hoping we could take care of the formalities by telephone.
” “I see.
There is also the matter of the requisite laboratory work—the blood tests to ensure.
” Father Secco interrupted, “That won’t be necessary, son. Flat young.
I want no physical contact.
” “Sir, I’m going to have to ask that you leave a number so that I can have Ms.
Harris call you back.

I do not have the authority to waive policy.
” “Will you instead schedule an interview, and I’ll call during that time slot? Moms cums erotic massage slutload. Friday afternoons are best for me.
” “Very well, sir.
Friday afternoon at three o’clock.
May I have a name for our records?” “Thaddeus,” Father Secco sputtered.
“Um—Antony Thaddeus.
” “Thank you, Mr.
Thaddeus. Illusiongirl read porn chat usa.
See—well, hear—you on Friday.
” Father Secco hung up the phone and, whistling a favorite hymn as he walked the last six blocks, thought about his plan.