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Then one day about two weeks after Lynn’s wedding, I saw Justine pushing her shopping cart down the grocery store aisle toward me.
She saw me, too.
Justine ran into my arms and kissed me.
She jumped up and wrapped both of her sexy long legs around my waist, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth as we kissed. Symptoms after losing virginity.
“I know we said just a one-night stand,” Justine sighed heavily.

“But damn it, I miss that ten inch cock of yours!” I kissed her.
“That tight little pussy squeezing my hard cock is all I can think about, all day and all night. Blk man seeking another blk man.
” “Take me home, Vince, and fuck me hard?” Justine practically begged.
“Oh hell yes!” I agreed.
We both left our shopping carts in the middle of the supermarket aisle.
I left my car in the parking lot, and I got into the passenger seat of Justine’s car.

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Justine drove to her place at about ninety miles an hour through city streets.
The whole time, I had her skirt up and my left middle finger deep in her wetness.
She unlocked her front door and kicked it shut behind us. Penetration close up.
She then jumped up on me, her legs wrapped around me again.