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When she got there, she dipped her tongue down into it and swirled it around a little.
Then she put her pinky finger into it and I felt a jolt of electricity shoot from there right down into my pecker.
My entire body jumped. Girls kissing lesbian licking beauty.
She left my belly-button for parts further south.
She didn’t have very far to go before she reached the head of my cock.
With her hands on my thighs, she eased off the bed and took me into her mouth at the same time.

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She began to lift my nuts with her fingers and stroke me with her mouth and other hand.
I felt her tongue swirling around my head and licking me as her head bounced up and down at a fevered pace.
I grabbed the sheets with my hands. Casual sex in north las vegas utah.
The feeling of her warm mouth sliding up and down my shaft was driving me insane.

I wanted to watch her more, but I had to put my head back to concentrate on trying to last.
She lifted her mouth so that just my head was inside and continued to suck and pump me. Uk pornstar escorts.
My groin tightened and I hardly got the words out of my mouth that I was coming before I shot squeeze after squeeze of sperm into her mouth.