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Kelli’s running commentary confirmed what I knew she would do, her filthy, vulgar descriptions turning me on incredibly.
I was an inferno as I continued to beg her.
I felt her strap-on at the tip of my labia. Lexxabrunette animales xxx.
Kelli aimed her ‘cock’ and eased forward slightly until I felt it parting my lips and resting right at the entrance to my steaming tunnel.
“Are you ready Jen?” she asked.
“Do it Kelli, please.
Fuck me right now. Malaysia teen girls.
Give it to me!” I replied, almost frantically.
She smiled, knowing she had me right where she wanted me: helpless and on fire.
“Beg me, then.

Beg me like the slut you are and maybe I’ll fuck you,” she cooed, slightly pushing the coked at my entrance. Free fuck hialeah.
I had completely lost my mind.
I didn’t care what I had to say or agree to at that moment.
I was a babbling, begging slut and all I knew was I had to get that black rubber cock into my pussy.
Finally, she tired of taunting me and slowly pushed the strap-on into me. Software online dating service.
I’m sure she had an obscene close-up view of my pussy swallowing the whole length.
Kelli drove her ‘cock’ deep into my burning pussy and I cried out as she filled me.
“Oh fuck, yes honey, yes, fuck me harder!” Slowly, she ground her hips against mine driving her ‘cock’ slowly in and out of my slobbering, juicy cunt.

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Kelli was the consummate expert as she worked the cock in and out.
She alternated between slow loving strokes and fast pounding thrusts.
I tried to match my thrusts with hers, trying to get some kind of steady pace going. Asian syren lesbian.
However, Kelli’s random speeds and rhythms kept me off balance and I never knew what to expect next or when, which only served to drive me even more lust-crazy.