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My eyes met his and then Kelly’s eyes met mine.
Now, one thing you need to know about our relationship was that we have never been swingers.
We weren’t into threesomes or moresomes and this moment was the closest to anything like that we had ever experienced. Free picture of man fucking man.
I was always curious about venturing into it, and sharing ourselves with others.
As I looked into her eyes I couldn’t tell if she was scared, or even more hot as he touched her ass.
She was definitely sexually supercharged. Chat with horny sluts free no regestration.
All of this happened in just a few seconds.
Then she spoke.

She asked me, “What should I do?” I said, “Whatever you want.
” She paused.
Released her grip from my cock and stood up.
I put my dick back in my pants, she grabbed my hand and we just left. Blind dating 2016 poster.
On the way home, we talked about how fucking hot it was.
We promptly pulled over and I fucked her silly.
Later on she told me that she wanted me to encourage her to go for it.
I thought it would have been really hot to have her get fingered, while she blew me, but I figured that if she wanted to she would have gone for it. Joey mcintyre yankees suck.
Turns out, she totally wanted to let him work her pussy out, but she was nervous about how I’d feel if she did anything.

She also was worried that she would have had to finish him off if she invited him into it. Female ejaculation close up.
In hindsight, it was something I regret.
I wish I would have said, “Tell him to work your pussy and get your mouth back on my dick.
” And see where it went from there.
Oh well.
I always wondered what that experience might have been like if we had planned another trip back there, but we never did take the next step and finish what we started. Daizha-mor free online porn skypee chat.