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I can feel it – the knot of tension building in the pit of my stomach.
I turn the setting up a level and the vibration increases in speed and intensity – as do my moan and gasps.
My legs are going wild, thrashing and wriggling. Pee piss squating taking.
The vibration echoes along every nook and cranny and even inside me.
The build-up continues and I feel myself tensing, ready to explode.
I scream out as orgasm after orgasm crashes through my body.

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Relentless! Strong, violent orgasms.
My body convulses and my thighs crash together.
My vaginal muscles contract so powerfully that I almost fire the toy out! I hold it there to keep the tremors coming. Butt fucking small asses.
Throb after throb of sheer ecstacy as I still climax until I can’t bear it any longer.

Sweat runs down betwen my breasts, matched by the flow of juices lower down.
I take the vibrationback down, still feeling the pulses in me. Francine dee nude movies.
Exhausted, I switch it off and put it to one side and slip two fingers inside.
I’m still twitchingn strong enough to grip them and I can’t touch my clit – its ultra sensitive!