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Are you with me?” “You know I am,” he said.
“You absolutely know I am.
” The Crossroads is, by any definition, a dive.
I’d been dropping in from time to time over the past couple of years after long days on the road. Official partner our resources.
Sammy Gilchrist, a fellow driver, and I had tilted back quite a few yellow Pepsis there after work.
My sometime bud Rod Pollard and I had also not been strangers to the place.

A dive it was, but it did have a couple of talented bartenders. Asian style noodle soup.
Marie Semple was the thirty year-old bartender in chief at the place.
She’d been holding down the fort at the Crossroads for six years.
Oddly, or so it seemed to me, Marie was a college graduate.
She’d majored in Art History so she’d said, but, ex post facto, she’d discovered to her eternal dismay that jobs in her field were all but non-existent.

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Still, her talent at mixing virtually any cocktail and her understanding of people as individuals were pretty much nonpareil.
I loved Marie and Jackie DelaTorre too.
Jackie was a twenty-two year-old neophyte barkeep that Marie was training though in point of fact she’d pretty much taught her everything she, Jackie, needed to know already. Online erotic chat by free.