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Jim moaned and groaned as my hand stroked him nicely and soon I felt the start of his precum coating my hand.
I pulled my lips from Jim’s and said, “Ok Jim, It’s time to take me and make me your office slut.
” Jim smiled at me as I turned around and pulled my skirt up, baring my naked ass for him and leaning over his desk. Sexyflirtchat new mx.
Jim moved behind me and I felt his hands spreading the cheeks of my ass as his cock slipped between them.
I felt the head of his cock touching the entrance to my pussy and I looked over my shoulder saying, “Jim, Fuck me, fuck me like a office slut should be fucked.
” Jim did not waist any time as his cock speared deep into my pussy and he grasped my hips. Chat with horny women in nantong.
I felt him thrusting into me with great strength and knew that he wanted this fucking as much as I did.

As Jim’s cock split me open and probed deep into my womb I heard his intercom ring.
I looked over my shoulder and looked at Jim. Gay dad son dating.
He had a look of total fear on his face as the intercom buzzed again.
I reached over and hit the button asking Laura what she needed and she said, “Sonya, Jim’s wife is on line one, should I take a message?” I looked back at Jim who was still fucking me shaking his head for me to say for Laura to take a message and I said, “No Laura, put the call through.
” Jim looked at me in total shock and fear as he heard my words and stopped fucking me. Juicybunnies naked chat mobile.
I picked up the phone saying, “Hello Sharla, this is Sonya, Jim is busy right now but wanted me to take a message.
” Sharla was pleasant as she said, “Oh thank you Sonya, I do appreciate that.
” I said, “Sharla, this is my job as Jim’s assistant so how can I help you?” Sharla said, “Please tell Jim that I need him to go by the store on the way home and pick up that lotion we had talked about at lunch.
” I smiled saying, as I looked over my shoulder at Jim, “I will tell Jim to go to the store and pick up that LOTION you talked about at lunch.
” I thought Jim was going to bust his nuts right there as he began to fuck me slowly, trying not to make any noise.

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Sharla did not hang up immediately and asked, “Sonya, are you okay?” I smiled saying, “Yes Sharla, I must have had something for lunch that is upsetting my tummy.
” Sharla asked, “Where did you go to lunch?” I told her that I went with Laura to the little restaurant attached to the hotel that her, Jim and the other woman went to and I heard Sharla gasp.

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I knew that Sharla understood that I knew about her and Jim’s noon time fun with that unknown woman.
As I looked back over my shoulder at Jim I said, “Jim, your wife wants you to pick up that lotion you talked about at lunch, do you know what lotion that is?” Jim only shook his head and I said, “No Jim, I want you to answer your loving wife.
” Jim was in a state of panic as I said, “Sharla, Jim is trying to figure out how to tell you he will pick up the lotion as he continues to fuck my wet pussy.
” I heard Sharla shriek when she heard my words. Yung slut nude.
I looked back at my boss who was still fucking into me and I said, “Jim, I want you to tell Sharla that I will be coming home with you after work and she needs to be naked and sitting in that big chair in your front room when we get home.
” Jim continued to look at me in fear and I said, “Now Jim, tell your hot sexy wife what I said.
” Jim spoke softly but I said, “No Jim, tell your wife to be ready to please you and me when we get to your house after work.
” I could still hear Sharla breathing hard on the other end of the phone as Jim said, “Sharla, Sonya saw us at lunch time and I am going to bring her home for a little after work fun so please, be naked and sitting in that chair as she has instructed when we get there.
” I smiled up at Jim and said, “Do you understand Sharla?” I heard Sharla clear her voice through the intercom and then heard her softly say, “Yes, I understand Sonya.
” I said, “Good, now listen as your husband fills me with his cum.
” Jim was grunting as his hips were now pushing against my upturned ass and I knew that this was too much for him. Sex dating in witherbee.