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I could have died.
I was a bike stand.
The whole thing was about turning me in to that stupid joke.
Not only was I totally humiliated, I was a joke as well.
After that they turned off the picture and I was left there in the dark. Rapidsiz film porno.
I could feel the tyre of the bike against my skin but even that sort of faded out after a bit.
It was always there and my skin forgot about it, like you forget about clothes, only I didn’t have any of them. Bored_girl yabanc? veb cam seks chat kamera k?zlar.
I had no idea how time was passing.
I guessed the gardener had gone home and I was going to be left like this for the night.
What a laugh for those who wanted to watch, I bet they were playing that Billy Connolly joke over and over again with my bum as the finale, complete with bicycle. Candid heels dangling.

I suppose eventually I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with a jump.
Something hit me like a whip but it felt cold and strange.
Then it did it again.
It must have been about the fifth time that I realised that it was the sprinkler. Online webcam chat no sign up.
I don’t know why we had it set on this time but at least it told me that it was six in the morning, so I must have slept for a long time.
I carried on being watered for half an hour before the machine turned off again. Millwood georgia women for anal.
So it was six thirty and I was still part of the garden with a bicycle in my crack for company.
I wondered what the day had in store.
I think I dozed off a few times; the sprinkler had obviously finished its work so there was nothing to keep me awake. Fucked young daughter gifs.

I wondered when the gardener would turn up.
It must have been funny when the audience on the TV first saw me buried in the garden and my bum used for a bike rack but surely the effect would be wearing off by now and they would have to think of something else. Ladies looking for free sex hebron kentucky.
I realised that I had no idea when the sun came up, here I was buried in the garden my two holes sitting up ready to have anything anyone wanted done to them and I didn’t even know if the sun was out or if we were expecting rain. Onetoone sexy chat.
I had no idea what time the gardener would come back.
I felt sure he would; why would the cable guy spoil the game, he was bound to have some plan to have me back to normal in two days time when hubby got home but until then I was just part of the garden. Dj qualls he dating.