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ooOoo… My heart was hammering in my chest as I opened the door to the salon that afternoon.
I had to wait a few minutes before Rodrigo was ready for me, and so I sat gazing at him over the top of a magazine for ten minutes. Amateur meter packet.
He was wearing tight black trousers and boots with a cuban heel.
His black shirt was unbuttoned to his navel and his sleeves rolled high to show off his muscles.
When he bent down for something I could see the beautiful curve of his ass. Hood ghetto thot.
There was not a gram of fat on the man.
He was all muscle.
His hair was long and jet black to his shoulders, and every so often he’d toss his head to throw back his hair.

That gave me goose bumps.
Eventually, I was called over to have my hair washed. Tied spread eagle wife pussy.
I was at the sink at the back of the shop.
One of the assistants put the towel round my shoulders and leaned me back at the sink.
Then Rodrigo came over and looked down at me, smiling.
“Hello, my sweet.
” he said. The dating game tv series photographs.
“Long time no see!” My heart was in my throat.
” It was all I could manage.
“What would you like today?” “A wash and trim, please.
” He nodded as he made sure the water was the right temperature, then ran it through my hair.

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I could feel his hands through my hair as he made sure it was all wet.
Then he smiled down at me as he put shampoo in his hands and said, “So, what’s new in your life?” It was like he had X-ray vision.
I felt like I didn’t need to answer. Silver spring maryland dating.
I felt like he already knew what was in my heart.
That I had had visions of him.
I closed my eyes and felt his hip against my shoulder as he massaged the shampoo into my hair.