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What is your pleasure today? Would you like a press ‘n curl, a relaxer, or some braids?” Jon broke out in laughter, “Neither.
” I was glad he was game to play along.
So, I continued, “Perhaps you’d like our Bob Marley special: five dreads for the price of one? Nsa henderson nevada relationship anyone real on here. Are you looking to add some length today; how about some hair extensions? I believe we have your color on hand; color number two will blend beautifully.
” “Mi-su Rain.
I’ll have the Bob Marley special; dread me baby!” Shit, shit. Rubber band scrotum sex.
shit! Can’t avoid the repeated epic fail.

“Aw hell, I didn’t even get to do the barber dialogue,” I whined, folded my arms, and poked my bottom lip out hoping Jon would play on.
It didn’t work.
Preparing to enter the dense forest, I unbuckled his belt, unzipped Jon’s black slacks, and let them fall to the floor. Swingers club velvet swing busted.
On bended knees, I swallowed hard as I moved to pull down his boxers.
I decided to use my fingers and my tongue to cut through the brush and clear a path to the cob.
However, the simple thought of trudging through the woods and weeds slowed my tempo down to a crawl. Singles looking for sex.

Grabbing the legs of the silk boxers, I gave a good yank to expose the jungle.
My eyes bounced from Jon’s groin to his hazel eyes, and then back to his hardening cob.
“You’re a doppelganger.
” “No, silly. No sign in lake bennett casual encounters.
Surprise!” “It’s clean! The cob is clean!” I screamed with glee, “When did you.
?” The afro was gone! Jon’s seven inches no longer looked like three inches.
The continuation of mocha from his balls to the tip of his cob actually made him look more like nine inches.
#happy, #woohoo, #hellyea, #nomoafrodownbelow “That’s why I missed dinner. Titfuck shower.