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The first week I thought I was getting hit on by this married couple (guy and girl).
They asked me to join them for a beer after training and I couldn’t make it that first week but I did the second.
They were hitting on me and we ended up back at their place. Teen boys spanked by step mom.
I’ve written about that on my blog which you can read.
What I want to tell you guys about is what happened on Thursday night.
The coach for the Masters swimming program is a mid-twenties guy, I’ll call him Aiden here, but that isn’t his real name. Emma cummings cumshots boobs free video 18 2018.
I think that is the least I can do for him, considering he is allowing me to share it with you guys.
The first night I went along to the training session, I didn’t know anyone.
I got there a little early and when checking in to the pool I asked who the coach was and Aiden was pointed out to me.

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I got changed quickly (all I had to do to get changed was to remove my shoes, shirt and shorts since I was wearing my speedos).
It was a swim training session so I assumed speedos would be appropriate.
Out by the pool was a couple of people mingling with Aiden, I walked up and introduced myself. Top 5 dating tips for men.
Aiden is hot.
My height and with dirty blonde hair, a ‘stereotypical Aussie guy who spends his summer on the beach or in the pool.
I’ve since been told that Aiden was a top swimmer in high school and college, I could tell he still has that swimmers’ physique despite him wearing clothes. Thick cheating wife.
I was not wearing clothes, just standing there in a speedo with my swimming goggles in hand.

A little weird but nobody seemed to think anything of it.
Aiden and I chatted a little, he asked me how my swimming was, if I could do all the strokes. Relaxing alone come join me for some nsa discreet fun.
My usual training swim is two kilometers in a little under forty minutes.
Sometimes I swim further, sometimes (particularly if I’m hungover) I shorten it a little.
I have tried the butterfly stroke but cannot claim to be proficient at it, which Aiden laughed at and said that wouldn’t be necessary. Fucking mega cock.
He asked what I was looking to get out of the Masters Swimming program: I’m not training for anything in particular but am interested to see how my training compares to other people and I’m receptive to my swimming stroke being critiqued. Lesbians in the shower touch.
A few other people introduced themselves to me before we jumped in the pool for a four hundred meter warm up.

My swimming pace was probably middle of the group and I held my own.
Aiden did pull me aside about halfway through the session and said that on the freestyle downstroke, the technique these days is straight down the body instead of an S shape which I learnt growing up. Cam chatxxx.
I tried that and made my stroke a bit quicker which was great.
It was that first night when I felt like I was being hit on by a couple.
As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t join them for beers that night but it turned out my gut feeling was correct, they were hitting on me. Piss off plants.
Two weeks went by before I could make the training session again.
I had beers and sex with the couple that were hitting on me.
During that experience (which you can read) Aiden, the swim coach, came up in conversation. Free mature glory movies.