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I feel his other hand on my right thigh, gently rubbing then sliding upwards.
Then it dawns on me.
With John’s arm still around my shoulder and one on my breast.
It had to be James touching my thigh.
OH GOD! Any serious dating site. I think my panties are soaked, I’m so aroused! I have never had a threesome before, but it has always been a secret fantasy of mine to be with two men at once.
I groan a little louder as James reaches my core. School girl cam.
John breaks away from the kiss to look into my eyes.
With a lust-filled, wicked grin he says, “We like to share.
‘Oh Fuck! Is this really happening?’ I stop the thought quickly.
‘Just fucking go for it!’ I think to myself.

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I turn around and kiss James, as John lets out a little moan of satisfaction.
James continues rubbing me through my jeans.
I feel Johns lips on my collarbone, hand still caressing my breast.
John reaches down and pulls at the hem of my shirt. Are you up and horny 28 me too.
I pull away from James’ lips to allow John to remove my shirt.
Both of their heads dip down, each taking a bra covered nipple into their mouths.
“Oh, F-f-fuck!” I manage to stammer, as I feel the nibbles and sucks all the way to my clit.

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They both moan simultaneously.
John releases my breast from his mouth, and stands up.
James follows.
They both offer a hand, wanting me to join them.
I take the outstretched hands.
John turns me to face him, kissing me a little roughly. Tomboy personality dating.
I like it.
I feel James come up behind me, unhooking my bra as he nibbles my shoulder.
I drop my arms from Johns’ neck as James pulls my bra down, letting it fall to the floor.