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She went to her Mum’s room, opened the cupboard, saw several canes hanging on their hooks and took down a senior cane.
She had considered taking a junior cane but if Megan showed her Mum she would know immediately she had tricked her niece and would no doubt feel the senior cane anyway. Local horny girls in karosalatt.
Nina made her way back downstairs and walked quickly over to Megan handing her the cane.
Megan took it and swished it a couple of times looking at Tom as she did so.
The bulge in his trousers increased in size, confirming to Megan that she might just be able to convince her boyfriend that a touch of discipline might earn him what he had so often said he wanted.

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A hand job.
She intended asking him later, after she had put her naughty Auntie Nina firmly in her place.
“Okay Auntie, face the wall for10 minutes please.
To make sure you think properly about what you have done. Ray winstone nude clip.
” Megan stepped over to her Aunt, grabbed her by the upper arm and forced her to walk over to the wall.
Nina had to accept Megan’s authority and allowed herself to be walked quickly over, skipping to keep up at one stage as her angry niece scolded her. Parochka333 adult chat with webcam.

Nina faced the wall and groaned when she realised Megan still stood behind her and rubbed her bare bottom.
“Already bruised from the hairbrush spanking yesterday Auntie,” Megan said.
“I guess this is what happens to naughty girls. Any girl waterton park hunters.
” Nina groaned when she realised Megan was going to smack her now as she faced the wall.
Her bottom was still so sore from her spanking yesterday she knew this was going to hurt and when the first spank hit home she gasped, again and again, when all twelve hand spanks hit home. Sex xxx girl.

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