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Always stopping at the knee, alternating pressure, light and firm.
It is hard to determine which you like best, finally agreeing both are good.
Yes you love it all and hope this night never ends.
Finally with more oil I concentrate on your lower legs, giving calves and feet their attention as well. Speed dating slug and lettuce milton keynes.
Up and down, side to side, I rub you and listen for a soft moan to escape your lips, telling me you really enjoy my hands on your body.
Turning you over, the bra loose, I start at the base of your neck and again from side to side, up and down, applying lotion to your hungry body.

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I finally remove your loosened bra, revealing once again your perfect tits.
Of course they are perfect, honey, but then, so is the rest of you as well.
Taking a towel, I dry my hands and reach for another bottle of oil. Winston salem looking fwb.
This one scented as well, but edible.
To massage these fabulous tits requires something that tastes better than plain massage oil.
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There is no way my hands can full cover the fullness of each breast, but I try.

With small circles, starting on the outside, I work my way toward the hardened nipple.
Once at the nipple, I use forefinger and thumb to lightly pinch and pull on the hard bud. Sunshine1818 chut chat videos.
Taking the pads of my fingers, I rub the nubbin from side to side, watching in amazement the full pink nipples I love to suck so much.
First one tit, then the next.
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