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I leaned back against him, his beautiful cock pressed against my lower back.
He released his gentle hold on my breasts.
One hand went to my hip, the other slid up my back to my neck.
All of a sudden his gentle hands turn to iron as he shoved me face down on the bed. Sex couple undressing each other.
Holding me down with the hand on the back of my neck, he guided his cock to my pussy entrance.
With one viscous thrust he buried himself inside me.
He reached up and wrapped his fist in my hair.
Leaning over me and jerking my head up at the same time he whispered in my ear.
“This is what happens when you tease me whore, but I think you already knew that. Friendship poem for my future friend.
You love it when I treat you like a slut don’t you Hannah?” His tight hold on my hair made it impossible to nod.
“Yes baby.
Fuck me hard and make me cum.
” As soon as those words were out of my mouth Travis started pounding my pussy. Bangbros dance.
He used my hair for leverage, his other hand hanging at his side.
With every thrust my head would be wrenched back farther.
After about the tenth thrust my neck was cramping.
I tapped the hand in my hair with my finger and he immediately released my hair. Looking for someone funand central african republic.

I could already feel the beginnings of another orgasm building.
It got stronger every time Travis’ balls slapped against my clit.
Travis was fucking me so hard I had scooted a couple inches farther onto the bed. 100 ghana dating sites.
I grabbed a handful of bed sheets in each fist to steady myself.
I was breathing hard and my thumping heartbeat was erratic.
Then all of a sudden Travis smacked my ass.
I yelped and reflexively tensed my muscles squeezing Travis’ cock. Free primary school girls porn videos.
He groaned as my pussy clamped down on his meat in mid-stroke.
Switching cheeks he smacked my ass again, even harder.
Again my muscles tightened around his cock.
I knew his hand had to be stinging as much as my ass cheeks were, so before he could manage another smack to my ass I flexed my muscles again. Freechaterotic.
His hands grasped my hips and his pace slowed a fraction.
Keeping him on his toes I began to flex my muscles at different times.
Mostly squeezing his cock on the in stroke, this made the head of his cock push harder into that wonderful little spot inside my pussy.

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I groaned every time I got the timing right.
We were both getting close to cumming.
I kept squeezing his cock, his balls kept slapping against my clit.
“I want you to cum inside me Travis.
I want to feel your cock pumping deep inside me.
” “Oh god Hannah. Xxx shemel sex to femel.
I’m cumming!” Travis grunted and dug the fingertips of one hand into my hip.
He stuck the thumb of his other hand into his mouth.
His fingers ticked my ass crack as his thumb searched out and entered my puckered ass hole. Joei deluxxx.