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Mel kept resting her hand on the back of his head and pushing him deeper.
Jake eventually raised his head and said, “Coffee’s all gone; it’s pure Mel now.
” “You want another cup?” my wife husked.
“I was hoping you would say that,” Jake answered and I went for another mug, gave my wife’s pussy another refill and they got back down to it. Ride cock orgasm gif.
At this point Sue rolled to her knees and told me, “Do me, Nicky, now, hard, these two have made me so horny I can’t wait!” They had made me horny too! I got behind Sue, drove my already rigid cock hard and deep into her pussy and went at her like a rutting stag. Free webcam windsor chat room.
So there we were, me banging the ass off Jake’s wife doggy-style while he used my wife’s pussy as a coffee cup! A novel experience.
Right about when Sue began to moan her husband looked up from slurping on my wife’s pussy and said to Melanie, “All pure Mel down here now, Mel.

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” “Pure Mel is now on tap,” my wife joked.
“Climb aboard, Jake, I like this position and I am ready to go.
” Jake eased his body over Melanie, did a push up to give him height and drove his cock straight down into my wife’s horizontal pussy. Bikini photo set.
He plunged right home then his ass started jack hammering up and down as he got into his stride and gave her what she wanted.
“It’s very warm and wet in here,” he joked.
“Isn’t it always?” Mel responded. African sex sequedin.
They both laughed.
Sue now had her head down on her folded arms and was giving me the ass-grind that she had learned from Mel, her ass going like a blender as she rode my cock.

Knowing that she liked it, I smacked her ass a couple of times; she bucked a little and ground her ass into me even harder, moaning louder, evidently nearing her climax, so I gave it to her harder and faster, breathing hard myself. Blonde cougar nude gif.
After another couple of minutes I erupted inside her and that triggered her own, very noisy, orgasm.
Satisfied, Sue pulled off my cock, rolled onto her back and lay gasping for breath as she watched her husband’s ass bouncing up and down between Mel’s legs as he nailed her hard. Free pussy dating pelahatchie mississippi ohio.
Mel now had her feet tucked up behind Jake’s shoulders, holding on with her heels as he pounded her pussy.