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From the chair do not get up, do not move your hips.
I see a fat cock sticking out under a medical gown.
I am very ashamed, but the doctor must be obeyed.

Feeling like the vagina is starting to shrink.
The doctor continues silently his manipulations.
I understand that my discharge is already smearing the leather seat on a chair.
Do not get up! I feel that it is already leaking under his fingers.
He pinches my clit with my fingers, I already want to moan.
What is this strange inspection? Now get up! I rise from the chair and see a wet spot on it.
The doctor sits down and begins to sniff the chair.
Then she gets up and tells me to stand on my knees in front of the chair.
I get up and he lowers my head with his cheek right on my puddle.
Turns my hands behind my back, asks me to spread my legs wider.

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I do not understand what is going on.
Apparently he sits down right on the floor behind me.
I hear some instruments thunder.
Relax your vagina and anus! I feel his hot breath on his ass.
He in medical gloves spreads my anus and climbs right there with his nose.
Inhales greedily, sniffs.
I feel very excited.
A drop of my juice flows out of pussy, I feel it well on my urethra.
The doctor continues to smell my ass.
I flushed with shame, goosebumps running down my arms and back.
When was the last time? .
In the morning.
About two hours ago.
Again I hear this sound of thundering instruments, and then I feel the coldness of medical steel on the hole of the priests.
Relax your anus! Breathe easy.
The doctor inserts some kind of elongated tool that looks like a scraper and starts turning it on my bottom.

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From this I intolerably want to fart.
I try to restrain myself.
God, what a shame! The doctor gently pulls out a scraper, puts it on a chair across from my face.
I see on the spoon the remains of my calla masses.
We do not remove hands from behind! He unzips his robe and slowly introduces his red-hot fat dick into my wet twat.
Mouth closed! Like this.
Now tolerated.
He clamps a scraper in his fingers and pulls off all his calla.
He rubs his fingers, smears under my nose, then sniffs his hand with pleasure, inhaling loudly.
The movements of his penis are slow.
I am very excited and also breathe deeply, feeling all my smells.
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